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NDT Newspaper, Dobrich, Bulgaria
 Добре дошли в НДТ, Добрич, България
 2024-06-13 @ 17:25 EEST
 Amy Leigh Andrews Miss Playboy 2010-04 
Amy Leigh Andrews 89  
From: Dan  Wed May 19 06:42:10 2010
My god she is so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful. Seeing something so perfect almost makes me believe in God.


Amy Leigh Andrews 88  
From: UnMec  Wed Jun 16 10:14:05 2010
Wow! Didn't think playboy usually shows the snatch from that angle. I'm a big fan of this angle.

From: htyuihn  Sat Nov 20 10:55:06 2010

From: Akash  Sun Apr 28 09:23:11 2013
That's a subtle way of thniking about it.

From: Cupimfoda  Mon Apr 29 00:19:54 2013
Four score and seven miunets ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks

From: pravi li svirki  Sun Mar 29 02:29:03 2015
Pravi li svirki


Amy Leigh Andrews 87  
From: Dan  Wed May 19 06:55:02 2010
Damn she has perfect feet! Her toes would look even better in my mouth.

From: Beatrice  Sat Apr 21 05:32:29 2012
Wait, I cannot fathom it being so straigthfowrard.

From: Sheila  Mon Apr 29 02:16:01 2013
Just cause it's spilme doesn't mean it's not super helpful.


Amy Leigh Andrews 86  
From: Galina  Sun Apr 28 23:51:01 2013
Wow, that's a rlelay clever way of thinking about it!


Amy Leigh Andrews 80  
From: Karla  Tue Apr 30 16:10:21 2013
I cnaont tell a lie, that really helped.


Amy Leigh Andrews 75  
From: Excellent  Mon Aug 9 18:55:09 2010
Mind Blowing


Amy Leigh Andrews 67  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:36:54 2014
amy mi amor, mi vida, como me gustaria follar ese cuerpo tan hermoso


Amy Leigh Andrews 65  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:35:09 2014
que chocho mas bonito, como me gustaria comertelo


Amy Leigh Andrews 62  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:19:44 2014
amy, que polvo tienes asi como estas, me gustas muchisimo,te quiero, te adoro


Amy Leigh Andrews 61  
From: Dan  Wed May 19 12:40:09 2010
Great ass!


Amy Leigh Andrews 60  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:18:12 2014
amy, preciosa mia, como te amo,


Amy Leigh Andrews 56  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:11:57 2014
que gusto metertela asi como estas, comiendote esas preciosas tetas


Amy Leigh Andrews 55  
From: super  Wed Apr 7 19:26:14 2010
fakmi beibe

From: super  Wed Apr 7 19:26:33 2010
helo beibe

From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:10:40 2014
fascinante, una postura que me encanta, te follaria por todos los agujeros de tu cuerpo


Amy Leigh Andrews 53  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:08:52 2014
estas buenisima, AMY, te quiero, te amo


Amy Leigh Andrews 50  
From: Olga  Fri Apr 20 02:07:52 2012
Articles like this are an exmpale of quick, helpful answers.


Amy Leigh Andrews 36  
From: diego  Tue Apr 8 14:02:03 2014
como estas de buena, AMY, te quiero, te amo


Amy Leigh Andrews 31  
From: Elton  Thu Apr 19 20:39:40 2012
That's a clever answer to a tricky qeuostin


Amy Leigh Andrews 26  
From: diego  Mon Apr 7 14:38:48 2014
te voy a comer esas tetillas tan ricas


Amy Leigh Andrews 24  
From: diego  Mon Apr 7 14:30:54 2014
amy, como te la iva a clavar asi, hasta el fondo y sin parar


Amy Leigh Andrews 09  
From: diego  Mon Apr 7 13:50:47 2014
buaf. como estas AMY y como me pones de cachondo quisiera cogerte asi de esa forma iva a disfrutar un monton, guapa, preciosa te amo


Amy Leigh Andrews 01  
From: Mandy  Mon Aug 9 19:03:53 2010
God Bless You Dear Amy

From: Jorge  Tue Apr 30 22:12:32 2013
I had no idea how to approach this before-now I'm locked and laoedd.


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