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    НДТ, Добрич, България Албена - Oasis for Holidays   По-добрият вестник на Добричка област
NDT Newspaper, Dobrich, Bulgaria
 Добре дошли в НДТ, Добрич, България
 2020-07-12 @ 22:52 EEST
 Dasha Astafieva Miss Playboy 2009-01 
2009-01 Dasha Astafieva  
From: Evgeny  Wed Feb 18 08:31:30 2009
Dasha Is Very Beautiful Being Nude With Lovely Breasts and
Nipples In A Pose of Classic Art.
May Dasha Express Beauty and Love Always.

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 16:14:27 2009
I Love Very Beautiful Dasha Being Nude With Lovely Breasts
and Nipples,Who is a Poet's Muse Rising With the Bright
Morning Star Venus Revealing the Beauty of Her Vagina
and Womanhood. May God Love Dasha.
Love Always,Eugene

From: James Eugene  Mon Jan 4 09:05:48 2010
Dasha Is a Very Beautiful Muse With Classic Grace in Her
Centerfold Pose Worthy of Playmate of the Year.
With Love,
James Eugene

From: Lawrence  Sat Aug 6 01:57:44 2011
Wonderful girl, and an outstanding photographer !!


Dasha Astafieva 53  
From: Anis  Wed Oct 17 15:56:05 2012
That's going to make things a lot esiaer from here on out.


Dasha Astafieva 50  
From: Eugene   Mon May 25 08:35:18 2009
Dasha is Very Beautiful with The Grace of
Great Poetry Expressed in Love and Beauty.

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 16:35:57 2009
I Love Very Beautiful Dasha,Inspired
By the Seven Graces Holding the
Starlight of Heaven.
My Muse of Beauty,
Love, Eugene

From: James Eugene  Mon Jan 4 08:45:29 2010
Dasha Is Very Beautiful and Graceful In Nudity.


Dasha Astafieva 46  
From: Hani  Wed Oct 17 21:31:38 2012
I like to party, not look articles up olnnie. You made it happen.


Dasha Astafieva 41  
From: jojo  Thu Jan 6 04:12:53 2011
why can't you just show you vagina, it makes you 10 times sexier


Dasha Astafieva 40  
From: Boomer  Wed Jul 13 14:51:49 2011
Great thinking! That ralely breaks the mold!


Dasha Astafieva 36  
From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 19:07:17 2009
Very Beautiful Dasha is Standing by the Front Door
In Nudity With Her Hands Folded Waiting For the
Poet to Enter Her Living Room.
All My Love,Eugene


Dasha Astafieva 28  
From: Eugene  Fri Jul 24 07:52:24 2009
I am a Poet Who Loves Very Beautiful Dasha and the View
Of Her Beautiful Body Endowed With Very Beautiful Breasts
and Nipples and Beautiful Navel.May Dasha Be My Muse of
Poetry and May I and Dasha Love With Kisses.
May God Love You Love Eugene.


Dasha Astafieva 26  
From: Karas  Wed Oct 17 18:37:25 2012
A rolnlig stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this article.


Dasha Astafieva 24  
From: James Eugene  Mon Jan 4 08:31:43 2010
I Love Dasha,Who Reveals Her Beauty With Grace.
Love Always,
James Eugene


Dasha Astafieva 23  
From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 18:50:47 2009
It Is Beautiful to See Dasha In Love
and Emerge From the Lake With
Her Very Beautiful Breasts and Nipples
Barely Above Water. Love Always, Eugene

From: james Eugene  Mon Jan 4 08:18:52 2010
Dasha Is Very Beautiful Among Heavenly Angels and a
Poet-Artist's Muse With Grace.
All My Love,
James Eugene


Dasha Astafieva 13  
From: mnogo seksi  Tue Dec 30 18:41:32 2008
iskam da se зukam s neya


Dasha Astafieva 04  
From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 18:34:26 2009
I Love Dasha,Who Is Nude and Very Beautiful with Pubic
Hair Lovely Vagina ,Great Looking Navel and Very Beautiful
Breasts and Nipples. May Dasha Be My Muse of Poetry
and Art. With All My Love, Eugene

From: Saint  Fri Nov 9 06:39:16 2018
Wery goot


Dasha Astafieva 01  
From: ew  Tue Feb 9 22:06:35 2010


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