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    НДТ, Добрич, България Албена - Oasis for Holidays   По-добрият вестник на Добричка област
NDT Newspaper, Dobrich, Bulgaria
 Добре дошли в НДТ, Добрич, България
 2019-12-15 @ 13:05 EET
 Giuliana Marino Miss Playboy 2007-04 
From: Gérard  Wed May 23 23:10:43 2007
I want fucking you

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 06:39:06 2009
Giuliana Is Very Beautiful In Bed With Her Arms and Legs
Spead Apart to Reveal Her Beautiful Breasts and Lovely
Vagina to a Poet. Love and Kisses

From: James Eugene  Thu Nov 12 08:44:02 2009
Giuliana Is Heavenly Endowed With Very Beautiful Breasts
and Lovely Vagina of a Virgin,Who Wants to Be a Muse In
Love With a Poet-Artist.May Giuliana Smile and Feel
Sensual,When The Poet-Artist Begins to Kiss Her Lovely
Nipples and Loves Her Beauty.Love Always,James Eugene


From: pussy lover  Fri Apr 6 00:35:37 2007
Wow, she is fucking hot


From: Hotrod  Sat Apr 26 08:13:56 2008
Oh babby, Wrap your fingers arond my
Cock and milk it untill I shoot my spunk
all over your HOT BODY!


From: James  Fri Jul 18 04:23:56 2008
I Love Very Beautiful Giuliana,who has natural breasts of

From: James Eugene  Thu Nov 12 09:02:50 2009
Thank God, Giuliana Is My Very Beautiful Muse of Poetry
and Art. Love Always, James Eugene.


From: Hotrod  Sat Apr 26 08:23:19 2008
OOOhh my god Im gonna CUUUMMMMMM!


From: pussy lover  Sat Apr 7 08:25:28 2007
Fucking hot ass


From: Hotrod  Sat Apr 26 06:04:24 2008
I wonna Fuck this Beautiful girl soooo bad!
Every time I see her my Dick just Drools to
be with her. I Love you Giuliana.


From: pussy lover  Sun Apr 8 11:53:32 2007
Nice Boobs and ass

From: Hotrod  Sun Dec 16 02:14:18 2007
I Love Giuliana, when ever I see a picture
like this of her I get a Hard on and I have to
WANK OFF. She is GORGEOUS. My Dick just
aches for her.

From: Drill  Sun Jun 29 19:49:46 2008
I agree with both of you

From: James Eugene  Wed Jun 16 08:04:39 2010
Giuliana is a Very Beautiful Angel in front of a Mirror to
reveal her endowed Beauty to Inspire a Poet and Artist and
be a Muse in Love.Giuliana is a Classic Muse with Beautiful
Moon-lit Curves,Very Beautiful Breasts and Lovely Hair of
a Woman.I Love Giuliana. Love Always, James Eugene


From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 06:01:10 2009
Giuliana Is Very Beautiful and Perfect for a Poet's Love.
Hearts and Flowers
Love Always,

From: James Eugene  Tue Aug 25 07:41:23 2009
Thank God,Giuliana Is Blessed With Heavenly Beauty,
a Very Beautiful Muse of Poetry,Who Has
Love Expressed by Her Heart,Soul,and Lovely Blue Eyes. Giuliana Is a Perfect Sweetheart of Romantic Art.
Love Always,James Eugene


From: Drill  Sun Jun 29 19:43:30 2008
nice little pussy


From: galin  Thu Mar 22 00:52:52 2007
6tete blija dokato pripadne6 mila

From: James  Fri Jul 18 04:06:07 2008
Giuliana has very beautiful breasts with teats ready to kiss
for milk with love.

From: Eugene   Fri Jul 24 07:05:23 2009
I Love Very Beautiful Giuliana
and Would Love to Kiss Her Very Beautiful
Breasts and Taste Milk of Love From Her
Very Beautiful Nipples. Love Always,Eugene


From: BDD  Mon Oct 8 16:31:29 2007


From: me1964  Tue Oct 30 17:29:40 2007
tits look real at least


From: Hotrod  Sat Apr 26 07:46:12 2008
Giuliana, You're so gorgeous, Please
let me Fuck you!

From: Drill  Sun Jun 29 19:13:18 2008
i agree with you


From: Drill  Sun Jun 29 19:07:56 2008
you are the best


From: James Eugene  Fri Aug 14 05:21:03 2009
Giuliana is a Very Beautiful Muse and Sweetheart
With Love,James Eugene


From: pussy lover  Mon Mar 26 08:01:20 2007
nice pouty lips

From: Drill  Sun Jun 29 18:54:41 2008
Can i kiss


From: pussy lover  Thu Mar 15 16:48:11 2007
Germany's PMOY is fucking hot. Which I could see her pussy


From: akyuzale  Wed Aug 8 21:35:31 2007
mature strumpf zu voyeur sexy women

From: rzxm  Wed Aug 8 22:43:45 2007
porn teen vagina fishnet mature sexy

From: Lover  Sun Jun 29 18:04:50 2008
Fuck you


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