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NDT Newspaper, Dobrich, Bulgaria
 Добре дошли в НДТ, Добрич, България
 2021-01-26 @ 00:35 EET
 Brittany Binger Miss Playboy 2007-06  
2007-06 Brittany Binger

2007-06 Brittany Binger

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Position 5 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:31 votes
Very Good:5 votes
Good:3 votes
Poor:3 votes

From: James (Sun Dec 9 22:57:52 2007)
Brittany is very beautiful in her classic centerfold pose and
my favourite playmate of the year. Brittany has very
beautiful eyes,hair, and attractive breasts of natural
beauty and love.
From: Evgeny (Mon Feb 23 11:24:45 2009)
May Very Beautiful Brittany Be My Muse,When Her String
Bikini Is Removed To Reveal Her Womanhood And A Caress
And Kiss Of Her Attractive Navel,Beautiful Breasts And
Nipples Arouse Love And Beauty Of A Poet.


From: Antonin (Wed Jul 22 15:52:55 2009)
I Love Very Beautiful Brittany,Who Inspires Great Art and
Poetry.Brittany has An Attractive Navel and Very Beautiful
Breasts and Nipples That are Perfect to Love.
Brittany Is More Beautiful Every Day.
Love Always, Antonin
From: Eugene (Thu Jul 23 02:55:11 2009)
Brittany is Very Beautiful and an Inspiration to a Poet
in Love. May a Poet and an Artist Observe Her Beauty
and Be Inspired. Love Very Beautiful Brittany
Always My Love,
From: James Eugene (Mon Aug 24 06:02:06 2009)
Thank God, Brittany is a Very Beautiful Muse of Classic
Style of Poetry With Grace.Brittany: You Are Very
Beautiful and I Love You.
Love Always,James Eugene

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