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    НДТ, Добрич, България Албена - Oasis for Holidays   По-добрият вестник на Добричка област
NDT Newspaper, Dobrich, Bulgaria
 Добре дошли в НДТ, Добрич, България
 2021-07-26 @ 07:34 EEST
 Dasha Astafieva Miss Playboy 2009-01  
2009-01 Dasha Astafieva

2009-01 Dasha Astafieva

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Position 16 overall, due to these votes:
Excellent:32 votes
Very Good:6 votes
Good:2 votes
Poor:2 votes

From: Evgeny (Wed Feb 18 08:31:30 2009)
Dasha Is Very Beautiful Being Nude With Lovely Breasts and
Nipples In A Pose of Classic Art.
May Dasha Express Beauty and Love Always.
From: Eugene (Thu Jul 23 16:14:27 2009)
I Love Very Beautiful Dasha Being Nude With Lovely Breasts
and Nipples,Who is a Poet's Muse Rising With the Bright
Morning Star Venus Revealing the Beauty of Her Vagina
and Womanhood. May God Love Dasha.
Love Always,Eugene
From: James Eugene (Mon Jan 4 09:05:48 2010)
Dasha Is a Very Beautiful Muse With Classic Grace in Her
Centerfold Pose Worthy of Playmate of the Year.
With Love,
James Eugene

From: Lawrence (Sat Aug 6 01:57:44 2011)
Wonderful girl, and an outstanding photographer !!

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