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 2020-01-29 @ 07:19 EET
 Brittany Binger Miss Playboy 2007-06 
2007-06 Brittany Binger  
From: James  Sun Dec 9 22:57:52 2007
Brittany is very beautiful in her classic centerfold pose and
my favourite playmate of the year. Brittany has very
beautiful eyes,hair, and attractive breasts of natural
beauty and love.

From: Evgeny  Mon Feb 23 11:24:45 2009
May Very Beautiful Brittany Be My Muse,When Her String
Bikini Is Removed To Reveal Her Womanhood And A Caress
And Kiss Of Her Attractive Navel,Beautiful Breasts And
Nipples Arouse Love And Beauty Of A Poet.


From: Antonin  Wed Jul 22 15:52:55 2009
I Love Very Beautiful Brittany,Who Inspires Great Art and
Poetry.Brittany has An Attractive Navel and Very Beautiful
Breasts and Nipples That are Perfect to Love.
Brittany Is More Beautiful Every Day.
Love Always, Antonin

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 02:55:11 2009
Brittany is Very Beautiful and an Inspiration to a Poet
in Love. May a Poet and an Artist Observe Her Beauty
and Be Inspired. Love Very Beautiful Brittany
Always My Love,

From: James Eugene  Mon Aug 24 06:02:06 2009
Thank God, Brittany is a Very Beautiful Muse of Classic
Style of Poetry With Grace.Brittany: You Are Very
Beautiful and I Love You.
Love Always,James Eugene


Brittany Binger 37  
From: Jase  Thu Dec 13 09:08:37 2007
Excellent view of beautiful breast and ass of Brittany

From: Shakiraagnes  Thu Apr 19 19:04:29 2012
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Brittany Binger 31  
From: shane  Thu Aug 23 20:13:15 2007
your body is so perfect!you are hot!!!!!!

From: Ivan  Fri Oct 5 11:26:04 2007

From: James  Mon Dec 10 01:06:10 2007
I Love Brittany when she is most beautiful in the light of
nudity with perfect nippled breasts a very beautiful
vagina and attractive navel , who has an excellent
body to be playmate of the year in love of art.

From: Antonin  Wed Jul 22 18:17:35 2009
Brittany Is Venus in the Morning Totally Nude and Hot With
Very Beautiful Breasts and Nipples and Pubic Hair Waxed to
Expose Her Lovely Vagina and Very Beautiful Body.May
Brittany Be a Muse to a Poet,Loves Her with a Kiss of Her
Lovely Nipples and Beautiful Body. Love Always,Antonin


Brittany Binger 30  
From: npmbirpgfnc  Wed Aug 8 21:34:01 2007
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Brittany Binger 29  
From: James  Thu Jun 26 03:06:43 2008
I Love Brittany,who is Very Beautiful with natural breasts
and nipples of a Classic Muse of Poetry.


Brittany Binger 28  
From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 03:33:01 2009
Brittany Laying in Bed in Total Nudity Expresses Love and
Beauty With a Poet In Love Being Breathless During a
Moment of Breathing of Love Expressed In Her Lovely
Breasts and Nipples and Very Beautiful Body Perfect to
Love With All Our Heart and Soul. Love Always, Eugene


Brittany Binger 27  
From: Nake  Fri Oct 5 11:27:01 2007
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Brittany Binger 26  
From: Jame  Thu Dec 13 16:07:09 2007
Brittany is very beautiful wearing flowing red hair in a
classic nude pose.Her legs are close to her vagina and
she moves forward to show her large endowed and
beautiful breasts and nipples that breathe with beauty and


Brittany Binger 24  
From: James  Mon Dec 10 01:44:43 2007
Brittany with flowing hair ,perfect titties and attractive navel
is bringing warmth to my winter home by showing more
of her beautiful vagina lips and pubic area by un-tying her
string panty and being a nude beauty.


Brittany Binger 21  
From: Jase  Thu Dec 13 09:29:17 2007
Brittany is very beautiful and hot in love with firm nipples,
perfect breasts,and tight vagina lips.

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From: James  Mon Dec 10 05:27:12 2007
Brittany is an inspiration with lovely hair and eyes of love
with a very beautiful body.

From: Jase  Thu Dec 13 08:34:30 2007
Brittany is a perfect muse with lovely hair and eyes for the
artist.She becomes a woman in love when she is entirely
nude and spreads her legs to show her beautiful vagina
free of pubic hair,great hips and navel with perfect breasts
and nipples of a very beautiful body and lady to love.


From: james eugene  Wed Apr 25 07:13:21 2012
Brittany is a very beautiful heavenly muse with a perfect
breast of au naturel beauty,lovely golden brown eyes
and flowing reddish brown hair to inspire a poet artist
to love with grace.
May God Love You Always,
James Eugene


From: pussy lover  Fri May 18 11:35:25 2007
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From: Jame  Thu Dec 13 16:35:20 2007
Brittany stands tall with an A+ as a favourite playmate I
love. She is very beautiful in every respect with a natural
smile,perfect breasts and with a waxed pubic area between
her legs.Her vagina is very beautiful and appealing with


From: James  Mon Dec 10 05:46:53 2007
Brittany's beautiful breasts have excellent nipples.

From: Jase  Thu Dec 13 17:05:06 2007
Brittany is very beautiful with the eyes of an angel with
love from heaven. I look at her beautiful breasts with
excellent nipples with ducts that are appealing with love.

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 05:06:49 2009
I Love Very Beautiful Brittany By Caressing Her Beauty and
Kiss Her Very Beautiful Breasts and Nipples.
Love Always,


From: Evgeny  Wed Mar 18 02:31:23 2009
Brittany: You are a Very Beautiful Lady,who Expresses
Your Beauty with a Perfect Form and Style to Inspire an
Artist and Poet. Love Always, Evgeny.


From: James  Mon Dec 10 06:10:06 2007
Brittany has a great smile having a lovely vagina
attractive navel and very beautiful breasts of a
perfect body.

From: James  Sat Jun 21 07:29:22 2008
Brittany reveals the Beauty of Love and Poetry.

From: James  Sun Jun 22 18:22:03 2008
Brittany ,with flowing hair and gentle smile,reveals Very
Beautiful Breasts,Navel,Womb and Vagina with Classic
Style of Grace.Brittany is a Very Beautiful Muse I Love
With Kisses, Love Always James

From: Eugene  Thu Jul 23 04:29:36 2009
Beautiful Brittany Standing By Her Bed and Books to Her
Side Is Ready to Be a Muse to Love a Poet .
Brittany Is Very Hot In Love By Exposing Her Beautiful Body
Endowed with Beautiful Breasts and Nipples Attractive Navel
and Beautiful Vagina.Brittany and I Love in Beauty. Eugene


From: Jase   Thu Dec 13 17:38:36 2007
I Love Brittany who is an angel of beauty and love from
Heaven,who has very beautiful nipple endowed breasts,
the most beautiful vagina I had seen and very beautiful
navel. Brittany is a very beautiful woman whom I Love
and my favourite to be playmate of the year.

From: James  Tue Jul 8 05:00:58 2008
Brittany: You are Very Beautiful and my Favourite Muse of
Classic Beauty. With a Gentle Kiss I Love You.

From: Evgeny  Wed Mar 18 01:47:10 2009
Brittany is a Very Beautiful Spiritual Being with Classic Grace
and an Inspiration of Great Poetry.
Love Always , Evgeny

From: Antonin  Wed Jul 22 20:29:39 2009
Brittany has a Very Beautiful Body Endowed With a Lovely
Vagina,Attractive Navel Beautiful Breasts and Nipples Lovely
Hair and Eyes.May Brittany Be My Spiritual Muse When I
Kiss Her Very Beautiful Body,Breasts and Nipples and Taste
Her Milk. I Love Very Beautiful Brittany. Love,Antonin

From: Antonin  Wed Jul 22 21:27:05 2009
Brittany has a Very Beautiful Body Endowed With a Lovely
Vagina,Attractive Navel Beautiful Breasts and Nipples Lovely
Hair and Eyes.May Brittany Be My Spiritual Muse When I
Kiss Her Very Beautiful Body,Breasts and Nipples and Taste
Her Milk. I Love Very Beautiful Brittany. Love,Antonin

From: Eugene  Wed Jul 22 21:55:04 2009
Brittany Is A Very Beautiful Woman and Great Lover Who
Knows A Poet Artist Loves a Woman,Who is Spiritual and
Reveals a Beautiful Body With Lovely Vagina and Breasts.
The Poet Kisses Her Beautiful Breasts and Nipples Placed
Inside His Loving Lips. Love Beautiful Brittany Love, Eugene


From: James  Sun Jun 22 19:34:33 2008
I Love Brittany revealing a good view of her Very Beautiful
Breasts,Areola and Nipples with visible female ducts. May
Brittany be my Muse of Poetry with a caress of her Very
Beautiful Breasts and Nipples with kisses and good milk
available With Love Always James


From: oaetbfgk  Wed Aug 8 21:35:31 2007
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From: oaetbfgk  Wed Aug 8 21:35:31 2007
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From: James   Mon Dec 10 06:57:25 2007
I love Brittany who is a very beautiful muse who inspires
art and poetry.

From: James  Sat Jun 21 07:46:20 2008
A Beautiful Portrait of Brittany. Love Always,James


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