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 2020-08-08 @ 12:38 EEST
 Jaime Faith Edmondson Miss Playboy 2010-01 
Jaime Faith Edmondson 66  
From: a_f_pouya@yahoo.com  Tue Oct 5 09:08:07 2010
you are very very nice and excellent
i hope that you vist neer time

From: Barbara  Sun Dec 30 17:30:12 2012
We've arrvied at the end of the line and I have what I need!


Jaime Faith Edmondson 28  
From: Daniel  Fri Jan 1 23:56:42 2010
My God she is so incredibly breathtakingly beautiful.


Jaime Faith Edmondson 27  
From: James Eugene  Fri Feb 5 05:45:10 2010
Thank God,I Love Very Beautiful Jaime Faith and Want to
Hear From Her To Be My Muse of Poetry and Art.
Love Always,
James Eugene xoxo


Jaime Faith Edmondson 21  
From: Dan  Fri Jan 1 23:39:01 2010
Damn she's beautiful and has perfect feet!


Jaime Faith Edmondson 17  
From: James Eugene  Tue Jan 12 09:34:21 2010
Thank God,Jaime Faith Defered 10 Years to Leave Her
Shyness Behind and Gain Confidence Necessary to Reveal
Her Very Beautiful Womanhood Endowed With Very
Beautiful Breasts and Nipples,Lovely Hair and Face of a
Very Beautiful Angel. Always My Love,James Eugene


From: fraind  Sat Feb 27 07:16:45 2010
hi. Iam is ali. ikhnowyour fraind. ok?

From: fraind  Sat Feb 27 07:18:49 2010
hi. Iam is ali. ikhnowyour fraind. ok?


Jaime Faith Edmondson 14  
From: James Eugene  Tue Jan 12 09:51:44 2010
Jaime Faith Is a Very Beautiful at 31+ and Perfect Muse to
Inspire a Poet-Artist. Always My Love,
James Eugene

From: James Eugene  Fri Feb 5 05:19:58 2010
Thank God,Jaime Is a Very Beautiful Muse Ready to Reveal
Her Beauty With Style and Ready to Love I The Poet,Who
Views Her Lovely Eyes,Beautiful Breasts,Nipples,and Navel.
I Love Jaime,Who Reveals Her Very Beautiful Vagina With
Grace. Love Always,James Eugene xoxo


Jaime Faith Edmondson 12  
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Jaime Faith Edmondson 09  
From: James Eugene  Fri Feb 5 03:50:50 2010
Thank God, Jaime Faith Is a Very Beautiful Angel In Love
With I The Poet,Who Is Thinking About Her During a
Winter Night.Jaime Expresses Beauty By Her Eyes,Lovely
Breasts and Nipples Aroused to Love With Grace. I Love
Jaime a Perferct 10. Love Always,James Eugene


Jaime Faith Edmondson 05  
From: James Eugene  Tue Jan 12 10:29:44 2010
When I Had Seen Jaime Faith Reveal Her Very Beautiful
Breasts Endowed With Lovely Nipples,I Had Love at First
Sight.May Jaime Be My Muse of Beauty With Flowers and
Gentle Kiss. Love Always, James Eugene

From: James Eugene  Thu Jul 8 23:35:36 2010
Beautiful Jaime is a Great Lover and Muse of the Poet-Artist
Who Kisses Her Very Beautiful Breasts and Suckles Enriched
Love Milk from Her Beautiful Nipples. Beautiful Jaime Enjoys
Every Moment of Love and Becomes the Poet-Artist's Muse.
My Love Always,James Eugene


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